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Peggy is a contributing author in these true stories that will make you laugh and cry, give you goose bumps, and tug on your heartstrings. They will lift your spirit with a new zest for living and joy for each day. You will feel a special connection with the real-life women who, through their own experiences, share hope, humor, support and encouragement.

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Chicken Soup for the Working Mom’s Soul

This collection of 90 true stories is for all women, mothers and daughters. Being a Mom is a hard and challenging job. Whether you work from home or in the marketplace, or are a stay-at-home Mom, you will form a friendship and special bond with the women in this book who share personal stories.
– from their “Soul” to yours!

Chicken Soup for the Working Woman’s Soul

This special collection of 100 true and inspiring stories convey the courage, compassion and creativity of women that enrich workplaces and homes everywhere, everyday. Written for women, by real women, their accounts will nourish your spirit and encourage your dreams. They will open your heart to a new appreciation of yourself, your life’s work, and those around you.


Positive and Negative Words:
Why the 5-to-1 Ratio Works

Why do many of us remember all the negative things (in detail) that our spouse did or said from the beginning of the relationship until today? Why do we remember critical remarks more than positives ones? Why can’t a critical remark simply be erased by a positive remark? Why can’t a big bouquet of roses from him or a coveted ticket to his favorite sporting event from her make up for several things that caused hurt feelings? There is a reason. No, it’s not just a woman thing. You can blame it on the brain.
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What Others Are Saying:

“I’m going through a tough situation in my marriage and had even reached a point where I wanted to divorce my wife. However, after reading Peggy’s article, I recalled all the good things my wife has been doing, and I think they outweigh the negative ones. I will definitely try these suggestions.”
–F. O.

“We were married last month, and wanted to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote about positive and negative words. It really affected us. It helped me understand why just a handful of nitpicking comments from my wife could weigh me down so heavily—especially because she is generally affirming. Now, it all makes more sense. We are fasting from negative comments and practicing giving out more positive ones. We are so grateful to learn these life-changing truths now, as we begin our life together.”
–Josh R.

“Until I read Peggy’s article, “Positive and Negative Words”, I never knew that it took more positive comments to outweigh a negative one. But I did know that the negative comments from my spouse are the ones I remember most. Following the suggestions could make the difference between a relationship that flourishes and one that doesn’t last.”

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